Silverclutch Games was founded by Tom Panico and Chris Visco in 2015. Our company name, Silverclutch, is a homage to a dwarven kingdom in the first Pathfinder campaign we ever played together. That homage is an extension of our design philosophy: Games are about enjoying your time with your friends and family, and the memories that are made at the game table.


We make games because we are compelled to share our creativity and stories with our friends and we want others to be able to share those stories as well. From the experienced veteran of Dungeons & Dragons Advanced to the newcomer who played monopoly as a kid, we design our games first and foremost to be fun and easy to learn. Our goal is to create games that not only satisfy gaming veterans, but are also inviting and accessible to new players. We hope that you enjoy sharing our games with your friends as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.


Tom Panico
Chris Visco

Co-Owner, Supreme Czar

Tom is the mechanical half of Silverclutch Games. Constatly creating and concepting new new game mechanics and ideas, he is devoted to his quest to find the ultimate gaming system. Like his partner, he believes the most important part of any game is storytelling.

Co-Owner, Divine Pontiff

Chris is an illustrator according to his degree, though his job is creating fun things for friends to do together. He loves to think he knows stuff about movies, beer, art, pizza, and the value of storytelling in game design. He spends most of his time around South Philly.